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CATCH A WAVE 2006 With Miura Haruma

I'm trying to find the movie "Catch a  Wave" with Miura, but I can't find a direct download T_T I just found emule font but for me it's impossibile, same for utorrent.

Please someone can help me?

I need a confirm!

Does someone know if Arashi Around Asia Tour Taipei Photobook 2008
is different from Arashi Around Asia Tour Tokyo Photobook ?
I can't understand.


That is a poject that we really love because we put many efforts in it. It's a wonderful PV, a wonderful song...and what other can I say? Please enjoy it and leave a comment!!!

If you wanna download this video or other our projects come HERE


Ohayou minna-san! ^_^

Today we celebrate Arashi 9th anniversary...we hope to see them for other years!!!
For celebrate I made with my friends this video karaoke. This is one of the best song of Ohno, I love it!!!!!
Minna-san enjoy !!!

You can download this video in HQ HERE


Domo minna!!!

This is tha day of a new release, this time is from KAT-TUN's live "Real face Tour"  .

We chose the song Precious One and of course the final farewell to the fans.

Please watch it, it's very sweet and beautiful *___*

If you want dowload this video you'll be welcome in our forum http://triosister.forumfree.net/
Please leave a comment if you like the video ^__^ we'll be very happy if you will.
See You!!


Hello minna-san, it's a pleasure for me like a fan, like a subber introduce you a new forum fansub where me and my best friends make and will make many videos, karaoke and maybe in future dramas in our language. Of course our favourite subject is Japanese music, especially ARASHI, NEWS, KAT-TUN, but even other ones like Utada Hikaru, YUI and many more.
We made many videos in 3 months, but we can do more because love for these artists drive us to make our forum more and more wonderful for italian fans that have this great passion.
So this is one of our favourte videos, (ARASHI - TABIDACHI NO ASA) if you want come to visit us http://triosister.forumfree.net/
Ioroshiku!!!! ^^

Ragazze è nato un nuovo forum creato da me insieme ad altre due arashine Concy e Lorry85...insieme creeremo video karaoke e col tempo anche interviste di Arashi, NEWS, Kat-Tun e molto altro... clapping

Il nostro primo progetto è appena uscito, il karaoke di Happiness


Questo è il nostro link...venite a trovarci per commentare e per seguire i nostri futuri progetti e magari anche a proporne di nuovi. Chiaramente traduciamo dall'inglese all'italiano...ma sono cmq cose che fin'ora siamo in pochi a creare.

clapping Vi aspettiamo!!!!!!!!


A new forum where Arashi Italian Fans joined with their friendship to create many video with italian subs....
The first one is Arashi's Happiness (karaoke)


If you want come to take a look!

Bye bye

Arashi in popolary poll!!!

A new contest for the most popular Johnnys Band.

Of course I'll want write all this to vote Arashi!!!!


When you're done, click SUBMIT left button or RESET right button.
After you submit it, you will be brought to the next page and have to tell a comment.
Lastly, click the submit button again and you've done!

Let vote for ARASHI!!!!

 I forgot a little picture! From my journey in Milan I met Elisa an Arashi fan like me!!!! 
We talked a lot on MSN and finally met each other she brought to me a wonderful present...Arashi in a sweet way!

I love you Ely!!!!!

Kawaiiiiii!!!!!!! I can't eat them! I like them too much!
This weekand I was to Milan at a fairy comics, that was so great: many mangas, many cosplays, but the most great was a bench of 2 girls that sold Johnny's items. i bouth a poster of Jun and my friends bought a pillow with Arashi drawn (the last one) and photobook and uchiwa.

It was a great funny day, I bought a beautiful poster and I knew 3 great Arashi fans like me.

I love my friends!!!!